There are several ways that you can support the work of EAP in fighting poverty and promoting sustainable development:


Single donations

  • Download our  donation form. Just print and complete the form, and then return it to: Engineers Against Poverty, Woolgate Exchange, 25 Basinghall Street, London, EC2V 5HA.
  • You can also donate by JustGivingText. Just text "EAPY17" followed by the amount you would like to donate to 70070. e.g. EAPY17 £10 . Text messages are free on all networks. You can donate up to £10 this way.   


Regular donations

  • Download our  Standing Order Form . Just print and complete the form, and then return it to: Engineers Against Poverty,Woolgate Exchange, 25 Basinghall Street, London, EC2V 5HA.
  • Payroll giving

Payroll giving is an efficient, regular way to donate to a charity. It allows you to donate straight from your salary before tax is deducted. This means a donation of £5 a month to EAP will only cost you £4 (£3 if you are a higher rate tax payer).

If your employer offers payroll giving, you simply need to ask them to deduct regular charitable donations from your pay.

If your employer does not already operate a payroll giving scheme, please encourage them to set one up – they are easy to run.  If they need help in getting started please contact us.


Including EAP in your will is an amazing way to make sure your generosity lasts beyond your lifetime. It is an easy and tax efficient way to support our work. Charitable bequests in your will are free of tax. By leaving a legacy to charity, you also lower the amount of your estate on which your relatives would be liable to pay Inheritance Tax.

There are two main types of legacies:

A residuary legacy
 is when a person leaves a percentage of their estate to a charity. This means that, however much your estate is worth, you ensure your loved ones are looked after as well as giving a gift to your chosen charity. It also means you don't have to keep altering your will as your circumstances change.

A pecuniary legacy
 is a set sum of money.

For any matters to do with your will, it is always recommend that you seek professional legal advice, ideally from a solicitor. You can find a solicitor in your area through the
Law Society.

Any amount or donation, whether it be big or small can make a difference to our work.

If you would like to contact EAP about leaving a legacy please 
email or call 0203 2060 488.




Date Published: 9 December 2013
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