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Pushing the G20 on sustainable infrastructure
Ahead of next month's G20 Summit, EAP’s Soren Jensen reflects on the need for greater focus by G20 leaders on infrastructure as a means of supporting social and economic development across the globe. 

Ten years on – promoting social and economic value in public procurement
Last month, EAP’s John Hawkins participated at the African Development Bank High Level Procurement Forum where he joined a Panel discussion on social and economic value in public procurement. Here he reflects on the discussion, and how the debate has moved on since EAP and the Institution of Civil Engineers published its ground breaking report more than a decade ago: Modifying Public Procurement to Enhance Social Development. 

Be careful what you wish for
Qatar hosts the FIFA World Cup in 2022 and the attention of campaigners and the international media has been on the conditions of workers employed to build the infrastructure. EAP’s Senior Research and Policy Adviser, Jill Wells, considers what might happen if the controversial ‘kafala’ system was removed.

Improving labour conditions in Qatar
Following the publication of EAP’s research into means of improving employment standards in construction in Qatar, Dr. Jill Wells considers the role international construction companies have in driving improved conditions for migrant labourers.
Date Published: 21 May 2014
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